Collection: Basil


It all started in 1976 with a bicycle shop and a customer (Ine van Dam) wanting a wicker basket, Nico van Balveren (Former Owner) rose to the challenge and developed a custom made basket, meeting all Ine’s wishes he made the most important discovery, because of that basket she enjoyed her bike rides even more!

The word ‘Basil’ is a contraction of ‘van BAlveren’ and ‘SILvolde’ (Silvolde is the original location). Since 2001 the com- pany is owned by Marthijn van Balveren, son of Nico. In addition to the traditional bicycle baskets, Basil also has a large number of panniers and animal baskets on the market. Characteristic of Basil’s bicycle accessories are the excellent price-quality ratio and the diversity in design. 


Basil Hook On System (All Single Bags are equipped with the Hook-On system)
The Hooks are width width-adjustable for the best positioning possible on the luggage carrier. The locking system with its green ag provides extra security. For carrier tubes up to 16mm. Can be hidden away in zipper pocket to transform the bicycle bag in to a shoulder bag in the blink of an eye.


MIK is a revolutionary click system for your luggage carrier. Thanks to the MIK system you can click your luggage on/o your carrier in 1 second.Adaptable to carriers 100-170mm. Also found integrated to bikes OEM.

WSL System

The patented WSL system ensures perfect mounting of Basil baskets to the rear carrier in a
afe and stable manner. The system is universal as the width and length can be adjusted. It ts
to various diameter carriers and can be used in conjunction with battery mounted E-bike carriers, 


42 years of making beautiful and functional cycling accessories that will encourage you to ride your bike more often. Because cycling is good for you and helps provide you with a daily dose of happiness and exercise.